press release 2001


The Brewster Project
Brewster, New York
Saturday, July 28, 12 - 8pm and Sunday, July 29, 12 - 6pm

Brewster (Putnam County) is pleased to host over 40 contemporary artists from New York City who have been invited by ten curators to create site-specific public projects that reflect on Brewster's history, locale, architecture and specific cultural make-up.

Brewster, a one-street village (in the Town of Southeast) is positioned at a historical and socio-political juncture, where the rural meets the urban and local issues carry truly global implications. Brewster is many things to many people: an idyllic residential area; the source from where New York City’s water reserves originate; a home for Central American migrant workers; a hub where Manhattan commuters converge; and a slice of arcane American lore—here PT Barnum began his first traveling circus and Borden Condensed Milk established their first factory in America. Throughout the commercial enterprises, the churches, the vintage shops, and the historical sites, Brewster, like many small American towns, presently faces the pangs of economic and cultural transition.

Having researched the various facets of Brewster both past and present, the invited artists have developed projects that interact with specific sites and highlight the complexities of the area—be it the establishment of the Croton Aqueduct, the role of the migrant workers, or the aesthetics and architecture of rural America and the layers of its regional location. Projects sites  include the Southeast Museum, the library, the Brewster House, local thrift shops, Jack & Jill’s pool hall, a flower shop, a travel agency, an artisan frame shop, the Iron Horse Bar and numerous storefronts, buildings and outdoor public spaces.

The artists have been selected by a group of emerging curators working independently in New York who have formed a collective in order to interact with, learn about, and take up 'temporary residence' in the village. This weekend event will continue to occur every season, with a rotating group of curators and artists, in order to develop a long-term exchange with Brewster and the arts community of New York City.

ORGANIZERS: Regine Basha, Omar Lopez-Chahoud, Christopher K. Ho

CURATORS and Artists:

REGINE BASHA: Ellen Altfest, Mick O'Shea, Alex Villar, Brooke Williams
JENNIFER DALTON: Lisa Levy and Philip Buehler, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, Beryl Odette
BERIT FISCHER: Pit van de Loo, Anibal Jorge Pella, Andrea Ray; DJs: S45, Noel Zevon
RACHEL GUGELBERGER: Reynard Loki, Nicola Lopez, Austin Thomas, Peter Walsh
CHRISTOPHER K. HO: Amanda Church, Ian Dapot, Melinda Hackett, Pablo Helguera, Larry Krone
KAREN JONES: Ellen Harvey, Millree Hughes, Peter Rostovsky, Istvan Szilasi
MOUKHTAR KOCACHE: Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock, Matt Bakkom, Jennie C. Jones, Susan Kelly and Alia Hasan-Khan, Douglas Ross, Lucien Samaha
MAURICIO LAFFITTE-SOLER: David Baskin, Amy Eshoo, Charles Goldman, Juana Valdes
OMAR LOPEZ-CHAHOUD: Paco Cao, Stephan Pascher, Jaime Permuth, Troy Richards, Carl Skelton, Guy Richard Smit, and Laura Watt
ED WINKLEMAN: Bill Byers, Hilda Daniel, Anna Pedersen, Carol Saft