press release

Ian Burns
Adam Cvijanovic
Gedi Sibony

May 21 - June 25, 2005

Cuchifritos is pleased to present Jack, an exhibition of work by Ian Burns, Adam Cvijanovic, and Gedi Sibony curated by Christopher K. Ho and Mari Spirito.

Jack features artists that approach visual narrative in three different ways that are perhaps particularly American and predominantly male. Adam Cvijanovic’s New City, 2002/2005, is a site-modified wall mural that envelops the viewer in a forlorn smattering of now-ubiquitous suburban subdivisions. Cvijanovic's landscape spreads before us speckled with the beginnings of cookie-cutter homes. Often, these new developments appear with a suddenness that makes them seem conjured from thin air, and in a way, they are: built on spec and marketed with hype, they trade on the fantasy of owning a two-story home with garage and lawn, of joining a local community and acquiescing to a blissful, if bland, suburban life. That this fiction of middle-class security is just that—a fiction—is not lost on Cvijanovic.

Standing before Cvijanovic's piece are two sculptures that tell more personal tales. Gedi Sibony's sculpture is acutely sensitive to the formal and material properties of found objects—often scraps and detritus. In Its Part and With Its Attributes, 2005, consists of a fragment of a staircase tread, the cardboard filling of a door, and a silver-painted branch propped up against each other. The precariousness of Sibony’s freestanding work—only the objects’ weight against each other precludes their collective collapse—echoes the barely-there gestalt invoked, and the work comes together only to potentially come undone. It skirts the threshold of the attentiveness required to psychically apprehend an object as such, and is in perpetual danger not only of structural failure but of perceptual disintegration as well.

Ian Burns' Passing the Relatives, 2004, exudes a similar home-made quality, but creates a structure with a "window" through which is viewed a kinetic scene. Constructed with raw two-by-fours and found objects, Burns has precisely assembled a contraption that resembles the product of a garage inventor, a tinkering mechanic. Like the telephone pole that it depicts—a device that was developed not under the aegis of a corporate behemoth but as a result of an individual’s idiosyncratic curiosity—the work has a utopian dimension if only because it bespeaks an era when technological advancement could still be offered with sincerity and received without cynicism.

Ian Burns will be featured in a solo exhibition at Spencer Brownstone Gallery this fall. Recent exhibitions include Greater New York, PS1 Contemporary Art Center, NY; In Practice, SculptureCenter, NY; Between Interconnectedness, Smack Mellon Studios, NY; and Fresh, Jack Tilton Gallery, NY, where Passing the Relatives was previously shown. Adam Cvijanovic's recent solo exhibitions include: Ideal City, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia; and Hurricane Party and Disko Bay, both at Bellwether Gallery, NY. Gedi Sibony's 2004 solo exhibition, The Qualities Depend Upon Other Qualities, was at CANADA. Recent group exhibitions include Make It Now, SculptureCenter, NY; Greater New York, PS1 Contemporary Art Center; and Playpen: Selections Summer 2004, The Drawing Center, NY.

Cuchifritos would like to thank CANADA, Bellwether Gallery and Spencer Brownstone Gallery for lending the work of their artists to this exhibition. The exhibition was made possible by generous contributions from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, LMCC’s Fund For Creative Communities/NYSCA, The New York City Economic Development Corporation, The Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation, and Artists Alliance incorporated and its volunteers and members.