Christopher K. Ho: RENT
October 4 – 26, 2013

2419 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia PA 19125 / 603 313 4616
Opening: Friday, October 4, 2013

Christopher K. Ho's solo exhibition RENT combines the artist's previous explorations of furniture design and institutional critique. With characteristic wit, Ho presents a set of painter's palettes that aim to be the Williams-Sonoma of palettes.

In conventional narratives, artists gentrify a neighborhood, a process that in turn prices out those very artists. RENT examines the parallel, less examined, "becoming-bourgeois" that often shadows an artist’s own trajectory. A trio of painter's palettes in the language of loft furniture occupies Fjord’s front room. Rather than a single sheet of glass, each consists of seven sheets, back-painted respectively in warm gray, cool gray, and tan gradients. Stacked upwards to allow for simultaneous sight lines and on industrial casters, the palettes are resolutely functional. The graduated values facilitate the nuanced color mixing demanded by the most precise, professional painters.

Fjord’s back room features a single 1:2 rendition of the palettes in museum board and balsa wood, i.e., the materials of a real estate developer's model. Seven scale figures, one each member of artist collective Fjord, occupy the model's seven levels.
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